An easy-to-use tool that allows users to create a virtual private network between remote computers

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At its core, Hamachi allows users to create a virtual private network in a few seconds. They can customize and manage these VPNs at the touch of a button and without a hassle. Hamachi is designed to be used between multiple computers at different locations. Still, individual users can benefit from creating a local VPN as well. Quite a few similar programs exist today, but Hamachi offers the most simple solution. Everyone from beginners to advanced users will understand the program within a few minutes.

Simple VPN Setup and Why This Matters For Users

VPNs enable users to protect themselves while browsing the Internet and performing other actions. A VPN created within Hamachi encrypts data transmission between remote computers and on the individual machines as well. However, these networks come with a variety of other benefits. For instance, a user can access one of the remote computers to print something at their present location from that remote machine.

Allowing computers to communicate with each other in an encrypted environment is invaluable. Users communicate with each other seamlessly and don't have to worry about prying eyes. Likewise, VPNs of this nature can be utilized for gaming and other scenarios. Hamachi requires seconds to install and setup, and then users are prepared to reap the benefits of using this program on a regular basis.

Competing programs often require a half-dozen steps to create and launch the VPN. Luckily, Hamachi is similar to a point-and-click approach to VPNs. A user will select various options to create the VPN, and then they can launch the network right away. Adding extra users or computers to the network couldn't be easier. General management of the network is simplified and works well for beginners and VPN experts alike.

A Quick Look At The Negatives

Despite a lot of positives, Hamachi comes with some negatives like any other software. Not everyone will love the user interface as it's quite plain. A handful of advanced features found in similar software won't be found in Hamachi. While everyone should use a VPN, plenty of people will find the program somewhat useless in day-to-day activities. Finally, power users will prefer other programs over Hamachi.

Is Hamachi Worth The Download?

After using Hamachi for a few hours, the average person will fall in love with the program. Few VPN solutions are so simple to launch and use. The process of connecting remote machines together can prove challenging for most users. In the end, Hamachi simplifies this process for the masses, and it's more than worth downloading. Power users may want to look elsewhere for a VPN solution, though.


  • Create a virtual private network between machines in seconds.
  • Create a local VPN in seconds for individual use as well.
  • Hamachi is simple to set up and run, even for beginners.


  • Hamachi lacks advanced features found in similar programs.
  • The program could feature a better user interface.
  • Not everyone will find Hamachi that useful.

Hamachi is a networking utility of use to those who wish to simulate local area network (LAN) connections over the public Internet. The program works by setting up virtual private network (VPN) connections, and it does so with little or no configuration in most cases. It can communicate with most modern routers and firewalls to open the necessary ports for its activities automatically, and it features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users, even for those with no networking background to create VPN connections.

While most modern computer games have built-in server browsers or other networking features that make it easy for players to connect to one another for multi-player sessions, some only support local network connections. In fact, when it comes to older games, a majority of users only work with connections of this latter sort. Hamachi is quite popular with players of these LAN-only games because it offers an easy way for players to get connected using their existing Internet connections. The VPN connections it creates between players make it seem to gamers as if the two players were on the same local network so that the games' built-in networking functions work without trouble.

Hamachi is also of great use to those who need to access distant LANs for other reasons. Many businesses, for example, allow access to their important documents and data only to clients who connect from within the company LAN, refusing such access as a matter of policy to connections made through the Internet. Given appropriate software on a company's LAN, Hamachi can create a VPN connection that can allow employees working from home, for example, to access sales databases and other important assets.

The program is a well-designed one, and part of its popularity undoubtedly stems from its ease of use. Hamachi strives by default to create VPN connections with a minimum of intervention from users, but advanced configuration options are available for special cases and when these automatic efforts fail. Its clean, simple user interface makes it especially easy to set up and use VPN connections, and once established and verified to be working, these rarely need adjustment thereafter.

The free version of the program provides enough power that many users, especially game players, find it satisfactory. Paid subscriptions are available that enhance the program's capabilities, adding in such useful features as the ability to run Hamachi full-time in the background. While these subscriptions represent reasonable value, some who might otherwise benefit from them may find that other VPN software becomes more attractive when relatively advanced features of this sort are called for or necessary.


  • Flexible and powerful, but easy to use
  • Free version is not crippled, and in fact, will suffice for many purposes
  • Lightweight, attractive user interface is clear and simple


  • Background use requires paid subscription
  • Not a general-purpose VPN tool; does not support some common VPN protocols

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